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Sunday, March 24, 2013


After working through a rough afternoon yesterday, I sat down this morning to write about my ideas on reactive and proactive actions, or vice versa, and how they sometimes present the opportunities for  second thoughts (or even second chances) depending on the order of things.

But I stopped in at Dani's blog on the way here and saw this, and I felt that this was everything in a nutshell. That the ideas running through  my head had sidestepped a basic truth that I had forgotten.      Beauty

I don't need to second guess myself, I just need to find my inner Pollyanna and resuscitate her. At one time she was the very cornerstone of how I identified myself in the world, and I would like to have that perspective again; I would like to have that foundation back.

In the meantime, here's to another day of packing & stacking! I am so going to love this house again once we are all done. I am ever so grateful that I have R to help me make this a home again. Now there is real beauty.

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