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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank You Google, I Think

I woke dreaming of garden enclosures and was amazed with this greeting from Google upon opening my browser; fun or scary? In either case I went about my searching and came upon this delightful idea.
Would it keep the jumpiest of the dogs out? No, but it might discourage him.. And I could treat the tanbark to keep away the cats, I think. At about $800 this is not going to happen, but I printed out the picture and I am sure with enough input we will be able to create something similar. Imagine the door to the garage in the middle of the back with a trellis on each side instead of one solid trellis across the back. Then we could put two 4'x8' raised garden kits, one on each side under a trellis. I'll have to go measure, but I think we could add a small path around the outside so we have more access to the plants, and then surround the whole thing with a Roxbury Garden System fence with the gate at the front like in the picture. Maybe. An idea worth exploring. Because I have mostly decided against using the railroad ties; I'm waiting to see who wins, the earthitarian or the penny pincher who are duking it out inside.

So Happy Birthday to me. My mood improvement was apparently not a fluke and each weekend I get something done. Today the girls are coming over and I foresee either\and a trip to the pond so Miss A can feed the ducks and a visit to home depot to look at garden stuff. 

I also intend to start packing tomorrow - one month till the 'big change' in my life. And no, I am not ready physically or emotionally so I'm letting this one play out one day at a time and trying to not dwell on anything at all. It's all good, as MF would say.

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