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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Variation on a theme

This morning I found myself thinking about the tasks I wanted to get done; clean the bathroom, organize the tax files, change the sheets on my bed. This is not to say I will accomplish all or any of these things, but just the fact that I am apparently interested in seeing them done is a great improvement in my mental state. I find it interesting that you can go for days, weeks, months and even years without noticing a subtle decline, but then in a moment see it all in a flash of clarity. How I wish I could be a scientist examining my life and be able to say, 'see here, she did that and this resulted and she was never the wiser. Now she did this and that resulted and she hadn't a clue.'

There are some connections I can and do make, but realizing something and having the desire to do anything about it are two completely different things. So to say.

But I did find it interesting this morning that I am back to making honey-do lists in my head. Hopefully the weather will motivate me to accomplishing something, or rather, anything, today.

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