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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little Chocolate

A few laps to the copy room and back at work, a few more at home going up and down the driveway taking out the garbage, and the last small treks down the hallway of the house and back to rotate the laundry. Fairly pathetic. And no, I am not really pretending to count any of that as a 'walk'.  I guess I just wanted to point out that I was not curled up in a  ball on the end of the couch all day.

My soon to be ex-sweetheart gave me chocolate; great, lets start Valentine's Day in tears. Wonderful. I shared out the treat at work, saving none for myself, and instead indulged in a chocolate covered strawberry from the kitchenette where we all share out goodies. 

What an exhausting day; watching the flowers being delivered, the red boxes tied with crisp bows getting piled up on the counter, the girls waltzing around the office in their little black dresses. Apparently this is what you wear if you are a chic size zero and it's Valentines. Let me be clear, I do love these tiny ladies and their too tall shoes; I just don't want to be one of them. I've always been more of a tight jeans, keys hanging from a belt loop type of gal. Well, in another life anyway. Now I am just old crazy lady frumpy. I know, this too shall pass.

So the day is just about over. I'm still walking and breathing, but haven't been brave enough to call and check in on my daughter. My bad. I wonder if it's too late to call. 

It wasn't, and now we have plans to drive to the beach on Saturday; cool.

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