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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

The downward side of this cold is simply exhausting. I was so expecting to feel better this week, and while my symptoms are waning my energy has not returned. One should not have to talk one's self into going to work; I know, millions of us do it regularly, but still it sucks. I miss being a morning person! I miss the temperate California weather I grew up with! I miss feeling young! And while I didn't appreciate it while I had it, I miss being happy. Not the giggly over the top had a couple of drinks at happy hour bliss, but the pleasure of enjoying so many of the details over the course of a day. The colour of the sky, the shape of a cloud, the dog squirming her way across the floor on her back on the scent of a good stink.

God I'm full of whine this evening.

And Nachos. Hey, someone had to eat the Superbowl leftovers. And no I haven't walked yet today. The day is rapidly winding it's way down to a low of 32 and I don't want to risk a relapse. 

Day One, Excuse One.

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