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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Caps

Driving home from work yesterday was treacherous. The on ramp was slick with what I can only imagine was black ice, and braking for the car in front of me I slide dangerously close to the cement bunker as I lost traction. Facing me was the car who had pulled a 180 heading out of the turn and behind me was an array of 4 more cars all precariously close to one another, jutting out at odd angles. Thank heavens for good reflexes and kudos to all. We waited while car numero uno was turned in the right direction and headed carefully onto the freeway then we all followed suit. I felt grateful to have come out of that turn without an incident, and drove with care the rest of the way home. That's not to say that I didn't do a bit more site seeing than usual. Heading down the valley towards home there were brightly sloping snow topped foothills to the right, and a majestic view of Mt. Diablo to the left, it's peak all frosted in white as if it were a sweet offering at a giant's party. Above and ahead of me were storm clouds dark with intent, and streaming down from a gap there was a rainbow made up of broad strokes of yellow, tangerine and lime; just gorgeous, and I had been oblivious of the snow all day as I crunched away at numbers sitting at my desk.

To celebrate my survival and the beauty of the day in general I pulled into zpizza on the way home to pick up dinner, and while there waiting for my order I popped in to the gym to cancel my membership. I've been meaning to do this for about nine months so I'm giving myself a pat on the back instead of crying over the lost dues. I could have wasted money on worse.

This evening I got home late, but managed a quick dirty rice for dinner (I love having cooked brown rice ready to go in the freezer) chock full of tomatoes, peppers and onions. I'll take a container to work tomorrow and top it off with frozen kale to get some more greens in there.

Meds: I've cut back to one anti-anxiety pill a day and already notice an improvement in energy. They say the body doesn't react that fast, but whether it's mental or not I'll take it! I even have laundry in on a work night - odd to say the least. I'm not in a ton of pain this evening either, now if only the cough would go away I'd be a relatively happy camper. Come on Robitussin - get your ass in gear!

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