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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Apple a Day

Favorite juice so far:
     3 small apples
     3 large carrots
     1" ginger
     lemon juice
     2 big handfuls of baby spinach

Bright, fresh, yummy! Oddly enough I am not putting lemon through the juicer - it's easier to use my little wooden manual twisty thingy than to peel the lemon before juicing. And it works great. Monday & Tuesday I juiced for breakfast and lunch and had a bad dinner. Monday was take out Chinese (tofu, veggies and rice(not brown) that I brought home from Panda Express then last night H ordered in pizza (classic, not a healthy version.) I am thinking I'll take a can of low sodium lentil soup for lunch and drink my 2nd big bottle of juice on the way home from work to see if I can't do better today.

I think I feel better. Whether it's from the nutrients or the knowledge that I am doing something to actively pursue better health I don't know. If it works I'll take a placebo any day! But it's not just my mood, my body feels better, it likes this.

Today's juice (I'm trying to use up everything in the house) is a little stronger in flavour so I added some Acai juice I had purchased from Costco and need to use up. This concoction is not as yummy as others I have made but still interesting.

Bok Choy

Yesterday was similar, sub in celery for the bok choy and red grapes for the oranges. It was delicioso. And it's not bad cleaning out the juicer either. I'm making a large batch(s) in the morning which means I'm only cleaning it once a day.  So far so good! Yay me!

But all in all I think the most satisfying part of this endeavor is that I am responsible for the juice. That I am creating something wonderful each time I decide what will go into the juicer. I can hardly wait to try beets, I hear they are the best.

And as for the packing part of my double hitter agenda,I did pick up boxes, bubble wrap and tape yesterday. They even made it into the house. Of course I couldn't open the large box that the smaller boxes were packed in, but it's a start! And tonight I will get the damned box open and begin. Because I won't have to spend time making dinner, wink wink. I'll drink it on the way home, take a machete to the big box, and start packing my stuff from the bedroom. I will. I will envision it on and off all day and make it happen. Psycho-cybernetics come to Mama.

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