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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A year of Work

I think it was April of 2009 when the job I had been with for a dozen or so years closed their doors. I stayed till the end helping to pack up and clean out, after all, I didn't want to go anywhere else. After Joey died I was able to work when I could, acted as a consultant when I couldn't, and showed up when I needed a safe place to distract myself. It was nice to feel useful but not pressured, and the office and people in it became the haven I needed to collect my scattered morbid self into something resembling human.

It took a while to find another job. And I'm sure I've moaned and groaned somewhere in this tirade of a blog about making $11 an hour driving the catering truck part time for a non-profit group who was feeding the needy of our valley. I cried almost every day as I drove that truck, but I worked hard and tried to do a good job. I had lost much, but not my center core of pride, and I felt it was important work. At the same time I had another part time job, and it was my hard work at this 2nd job that gave me the recommendation  leading to where I am today. I gave up both jobs for the security and benefits of one full time job, and today I celebrated my one year anniversary at the new company.

The Boss invited me out to lunch, and much to my surprise he let me know the confidence he feels in the department we have developed over the past year. That was the five minutes we spent on shop talk - the rest of the hour we spoke as..friends; sharing stories from our personal lives and laughing and enjoying a wonderful meal. It was a really nice break ( I normally work through lunch) and I guess I really needed the boost because I returned to the office in a much better frame of mind than when I left it.

We all need little reminders that we are valuable, and all too often we forget the impact we can have on another's day\week\life just by voicing a compliment once in a while. At a meeting this year the speaker said that most of us are dog people, and like our furry friends we just need a little pat of approval when we do a good job. Once upon a time I knew that, and I was the 'Pollyanna' of the office - always looking for the good and making sure recognition was given. I think I have mostly forgotten that along the way, and it saddens me because I think it was a large part of who I was. Of where my goodness stemmed from. And today reminded me I need to open up that part of my life again.

Baby Steps...but steps.

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