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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let the juicing begin...or not

My new Humor is set up in the kitchen, I have the ingredients for several different juice recipes, yet about a half a cup of fresh apple juice has been the only actual result of all my here to fore dreaming and planning. I had envisioned about a year ago running out to get a juicer and immediately beginning my join the reboot regime. My dreams were of better health, of losing weight, of a magical daily energy that would carry  me effortlessly through  my days .... and despite having a brand new expensive juicer sitting on my kitchen counter I can't seem to get started. Realizing that I am delaying because 'this is going to change my life',  I have decided that I need to apply what I have learned in my life instead of falling prey to the all or nothing mindset that is so seductive, but ultimately completely unproductive in the extreme. Perfectionism has no place in my life. Not if I am going to get anything done.

So this morning I am having a green smoothie, and then I will plug in my audio book and clean the kitchen and prep the food I need to juice for lunch and dinner. Hopefully I will have the energy this evening to prep the food I need for juicing in the morning. This feels like a doable goal. 

The other item on my honey do list that I am procrastinating about is cleaning all of my stuff out of the bedroom. I said I was going to do that this weekend. It's Sunday about 10:30 (counting our lost hour) and I haven't yet begun. I can see it; clean out the wardrobe in my office sorting between giving away, storing elsewhere and throwing out. Then transferring my clothes from the Master to my new boudoir. Next to come out will be the sewing machine, the chair, and then all of my nick knacks that are ... everywhere. I have inherited the 'collector' gene from my Mother and I while I am looking forward to going through my treasures, I am not looking forward to thinning them out.

Should I go grab some boxes first? No, kitchen first, then food prep, then boxes. I need my health if I am going to make it through this transition with any semblance of sanity. I don't have to finish the bedroom, I just have to make a big dent. Really, I just need to put the project in motion so that it stays in motion. Or should I say Projects with a capital S. Because really there are two. Juicing and Packing. Two things to focus on for a month. Seriously, I should be able to do this.

The inner me, the real me, knows I can do this. I am listening.

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