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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dazed and Confused

Or maybe just overwhelmed? I took off work a couple of hours early so I could rummage in the garage and get a little more organized for the move on Saturday. H was in the shower when I arrived home and headed out to 'run errands'. Which I think is new code for getting laid. I don't blame him, but after a few trips of squeezing past the bowflex  (no we have never used it) (it was a gift) and trying to finagle boxes out from the back of the garage to the front to see their contents and do some more sorting before goodwill picks up tomorrow I...stopped. WTF? He is the one moving. Deep breath. I am moving too, I want to thin my stuff out too, this has nothing to do with him. This is my shit. He is the only one in charge of him now, and my nagging rights have disappeared. Not that I ever used them, but strangely enough, now that he is leaving I WANT to. Get your a$$ back here and work, goddammit.

I seem to be doing a lot of deep breathing lately. Oxygen is good, right? So is Macaroni & Cheese and I just happened to have a box from TJ's. While it seems there is no end to this madness, there actually is. Or will be. Because he is really moving this coming weekend. Yes I know, Easter, and perhaps I will set out early to catch the sunrise on Sunday. But most likely I will be in the hot tub soaking away Saturday's soreness. My days of tubbing au natural are coming to a close, at least for a while anyway, so I must make the most of it while I can; I hate pulling my way out of a wet bathing suit. It sucks. Literally.

So this weekend I will be deciding things like - do I need the large black trunk full of saved material (quilting, mending, whatever) that just never happens, or likely ever will. Or the box of Disney VHS tapes. Or two, count them (2), sewing machine cabinets. I sort of thought one would made a great entry table one day (the one with the iron pedal) when I had a house that actually had an entry way. (Again, never happened.)The other would be for the craft room and sewing projects. Right. My road to hell isn't just paved with good intentions, it's gilded. With platinum.

In the meantime I have closed up the garage and have put in some laundry, because one of the damn cats decided to pee all over the stack of clothes I had in the bathroom and I have nothing to wear out to lunch tomorrow. At least I got through a few more boxes, and last night I re-organized the wardrobe in my bedroom and finished cleaning out the closet in the master. Despite my griping, progress is being made everyday. Baby Steps. And there is less dust everyday, as my grateful lungs have pointed out in relief.

Did you know you can clip an ipod to the band holding up your ponytail for audio pleasure while in the tub?  I think it's time for me and a clockwork angel to go take a dip.

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