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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wednesday before a feast

This morning A and I left the house early to find eggs, potatoe chips, and even a new sweater for me to wear to an upcoming holiday dinner that I was invited to by one of my clients at work. We also picked up a new play hoodie for A since she is growing by leaps and bounds. Bringing home Croods as incentive for her to curl up warm and rest, we spent a lovely time together snuggling and nibbling on our breakfast while we watched as they discovered the world outside their cave. I did not expect to like this, and I did not - I loved it!

Now it is time for her Dad to take over and I hear the beginnings of Star Wars as I mentally prepare to clean the bathroom and finish up the laundry. I have been putting this off for days; lord above I hate cleaning the bathroom floor, I always have, and I guess it goes without says, who doesn't? And we found a a new pumpkin spice candle to light and clear out the smell of cleansers once I am done in there. It will also stay lit tomorrow for festive purposes.

It will be time for a break - I will not overtax my back and hands but be sensible and rest them between endeavors.

Then I'll purge the kitchen of anything extraneous to the upcoming feast; I will make disappear all the bits and pieces that collect on the raised counter between kitchen and dining room: bottle caps, hair clips, coins, glue etc etc etc. Just baskets and bowls of fruit, a small jar of ginger candy, and a bowl of mixed nuts to graze on will be left by the time I am done.

I may bake off the sweet potatoes and brown up the rosemary sausage in preparation of two of  tomorrow's dishes depending on how the day goes.

We have another guest for tomorrow and everyone is looking forward to the holiday. I wish R could be home today too, but at least she will be off early and I believe we both have Friday off.

Full of decaf and ready to rock n roll with book on and socks off I am ready for my slaying of the jabberwocky - er - bathroom. Whatever. I'm ready.

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