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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A clean house, stage one

Last night I prepped my produce for juicing and this morning I filled almost three 16.5 oz bottles. I still have half a bottle left for a snack later if I feel like it. But at the moment I am hot & sweaty and craving water. This is the first step in getting ready for the holidays. Tomorrow the carpet cleaner comes and there are then two days for it to dry before the house if full of people again.

I hope we can keep filling up the recycling bin each week and thinning out the house. A did a great job starting to go through art and homework from T-K and I finished up this evening. As we find odds and ends we can add them to the marked box that is now in the garage. I saved out my most favorite piece of art and eventually will add it to a book; a page for each school year.

God I'm tired. But not done yet for the evening. The kids are safe and have already purchased A her pink mickey mouse ears with her name stitched on it. I'm so happy for them, I hope it's as wonderful a trip as they anticipate.

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