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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Five Day Juice Fast: Day Three

Today's juice: ginger, lemon, green apple, cucumbers, carrots, celery, a small beet & some black seedless grapes. So very delicious. The grapes added just a touch of depth and sweetness to balance the earthiness of the beet.

Busy day at work, home to clean the juicer that I only rinsed this morning before rushing out of the house, and later this evening after the kids are done in the kitchen I'll prep for tomorrow's juice. I need to go look, I think I get a smoothie tomorrow! Can hardly wait to try the turmeric root and mango together with the coconut. I have fresh alligator kale to blend with them too - hope it's as good as i anticipate.

This was my first day without taking any cold meds since becoming sick last week. My only lingering symptom a random rough cough. I am notorious for coughing for six weeks once I have a cold in allergy season so I am grateful for this. I'm using my daily standards from Orenda, the Immune and O'Tropin, and I've added the Alfalfa complex and Nutriferon from Shaklee since my daughter brings them home at her discount, plus their Defend and Resist Complex. What a handful twice a day! I know that as soon as I bring my weight under control the Orenda will once again be sufficient unto my needs. But an extra 80 pounds is tough on the immune system and I'm using all the help I can get my hands on right now.

I glanced at the two remaining glazed donuts as I grabbed my last bottle of juice to drink on the way home. They looked like they wanted to jump into my open arms so I left quickly!

R is in the kitchen brewing up some pot roast - ah the smells! I'm not interested in the roast, but potatoes and gravy...I imagine that I do not need to elaborate, who would not like to jump into a bowl of that particular heaven.

Time to rescue my Red Rooibos tea bag from drowning and finally sit for a short rest before the next part of my day begins.

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