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Monday, November 17, 2014

Liquid Gold

I woke at 4am to Kaylee puking in her crate. Ugh. I let her out for water, stripped her bed, and let her cuddle under my covers when she came in cold and seeking warmth. I briefly woke sometime later but I just turned over and nestled back in. It was Monday, nothing urgent was on deck at work, and given the hours I put in no one was going to say anything if I was late for once in a blue moon.

Finally waking at 7 panic set in and I was up dressed and out of the house in 15 minutes flat. Yes I drove through for a Decaf and biscuit. Not having packed lunch I stopped by Sprouts for sourdough bread, hummus and cranberry sauce for an open faced vegan sandwich back at the office.

So far, no greens. My Bad. I stopped at Costco on the way home to grab a Mac N Cheese from the prepared foods cooler, plus a salad mix (with pecans, cranberries & feta) and a bag of baby romaine heads for the rest of the week's salads.

The Mac N Cheese was not as good as Trader Joes, plus once home with reading glasses in hand I read that they added artificial colour. Who knows what that means anymore, but at least there wasn't a number associated with the dreaded words; maybe it was red african beetles and not chemicals. One can only hope, but just in case A was not allowed any - she had the TJ's brand that we had in the freezer. Oh well, we won't be buying that from Costco again. But the kids are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow and a quick dinner was in order, so for tonight it was okay.

Interestingly enough, this evening I feel like I haven't really eaten any 'food'. Everything I had was processed or prepared by someone else. It's a strange feeling to have eaten three meals and not feel like any of it was really food. Live plants full of nutrients and energy from the sun; liquid gold. I really missed that today. Not just the vitality, but knowing I was doing something healthy for my body. So tonight I will have everything prepped and even if I oversleep again in the morning I will take the time to juice. At this point I am all about 'so what if I'm 20 minutes late', I need to do what I need to do, and juicing only takes ten minutes longer than driving through for fast food. Doh!

Tomorrow after work I will be getting ready for the carpet cleaners who are coming Weds. morning, and Thursday after work I will put the house back together. That will be my movement for those days! I am so looking forward to a clean house, a visit from my sister, and a thanksgiving feast. I am so grateful for those I love who love me back, for my warm bed and cuddly dog, for my job that keeps a roof over our heads. I have missed loving the holidays, and while I may stress next week about who is missing from the table, tonight I'm okay.

Off to prep veggies.

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