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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Five Day Juice Fast: Day Five

Rushed for time this morning I blended up a smoothie rather than juicing, and I will juice for dinner.

Smoothie: Coconut water, kale, pineapple, turmeric root

Not the luscious smoothie I had anticipated as I am picking up the coconut  milk at lunch and didn't have any this morning. I was also so rushed I didn't look up the recipe and just quickly threw it together from memory. The taste is nice with a pineapple finish, but my blender doesn't grind the kale enough so it's full of bits - which I don't enjoy so much.

But here I am in the  middle of day five with only a few minor slips - spectacular performance for me! My plan is to keep juicing for a couple of meals each day and having a smoothie, soup or salad for the third meal, keeping it flexible depending on my time, how tired my back is at that particular moment and what I have available to use.

Off to shop, I see a chocolate, mint & coconut shake in my future. The Shape Shake from Orenda's CBS plan will be an awesome addition to this plan. Pea protein rocks!

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