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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fit For Life: Five Day Juice Fast: Day One

Really? Another attempt? Well, yes actually! I may go down more often than not but I will always come up fighting. Always.

I awoke sore and aching this morning, the aftermath from helping prep for what had to have been the best ever 6th birthday party. Frozen visited Livermore via the special efforts of my daughter, Tri Valley Ice Rink, and Pinterest. The cake even had a castle on it - need I say more? Yes. The sight of her classmates, friends and assorted extras all skating with blue flannel scarves and the help of buckets to lean on (it was the first time for many of them) was absolutely awesome. Especially "A" who was resplendent as Elsa; her gown was blue and flowing and sparkly, her blond hair in a braid, and her flashing blue eyes just brilliant in her happy flushed face. Yes daughter dear, it was a hit!

Back to me. Yesterday I joined Fit For Life and printed out the juice recipes. Not surprisingly, I found many of the ingredients I was already using to juice. Again, not surprising, few of them were to be found in the fridge this morning. So off to the market in stretchy pants to buy a basket of veggies and a bag of green apples. I was pleased to see they now have turmeric root in stock and picked up a root of that as well for day four when I get a smoothie.

So yes, I will be juicing for three days. Not as a supplement, but in totality. Plus water and herbal tea. When I mentioned to my daughter that "I don't know if I will be able to do it" she stopped me cold. "Yes you can! You have to go into it knowing you will do it!"  So she will be in charge of eating up the bags of salad I was worrying about going to waste, and will help me prep my bags of veggies and fruit so that juicing in the morning will go smoothly. She is awesome.

Why am I doing this? Um...for my health? For my waist? To be out of pain? Yes, for all of these reasons and more, but mostly for my mental sanity. I cannot go through this Autumn coughing from allergies, I will go crazy if that happens one more time in my lifetime. Juicing will load me up on anti inflammatories, antioxidants, micronutrients etc ad nauseum. So goodby Phlegm, and hello Hope.

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