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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fit For Life Five Day Juice Fast: Day Two point two

And then our neighbor came over with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. And not just any cookies, chocolate chip cookies made using her mother's special recipe. My neighbor and I sort of bonded over our loses; she had just lost her Mother and I was still raw from losing Joey when they moved in next door. How could I say no to one of her mother's cookies? I couldn't. But I did only eat half of one. Followed by a small handful of seedless black grapes that I had washed in preparation for tomorrow's juice. Wow they were sweet! Now I'm really looking forward to juicing some; not too many, just a handful to add all the wonderful micronutrients they offer. Click the link and scroll down past the macronutrients to the antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. And these are only the ones that have been identified.

To continue the Day Two saga, the kids went to pick up the items ordered through A's fundraising efforts a month or so ago and now the freezer is full of cookie dough. Adding insult to injury they stopped on the way home and picked up dinner from Der Wienerschnitzel - if you can call that food. I'm still in a good place, although I will confess my mouth is watering for a mini corn dog as I type. Rotten fast food! Or to be more precise, rotten fast food products! My brain is gagging as my mouth salivates for the crap.

After sorting the fundraising items between R and myself for transport to our respective places of work tomorrow, I headed here to my room - my current safe spot away from temptation. I am not hungry, I am working on the last cup of my juice for the day, and will have a final mug of ginger lemon tea before bed tonight. I am good.

I had a busy day at work, mindful of changing positions often, stopping to stretch when my reminder popped up, and doing some distance gazing out the window to flex my stagnant computer locked eye muscles. To quote Katy Bowman, we are not meant to be static.

I'm looking forward to making it through day two with minimal damage, and excited about heading into day three tomorrow.

Black Seedless Grapes. Yum.

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