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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ginger Cookies

I did not need to know that Trader Joe's makes triple ginger cookies that are amazingly wonderful. Now all I want is to light the fire and cozy in with a book and the whole tub of cookies. While I did pick up an eco friendly fire log and have a bookshelf of friends I could visit, I know that if I do my back will be worthless later and I have a bathroom to clean. But having a few for a snack was awesome.

I was at the store with a fresh decaf gingerbread latte in hand at 5am this morning; I would rather play obstacle course with those wonderful people stocking shelves and their pallets of goodies than with a hundred other shopping carts. No bueno. Home by 6am and groceries put away, then back to bed and another episode of The Red Band Society.  R was ready to go and out the door at 8 for her trip across town to TJ's (hence the presence of the aforementioned ginger snaps) while A and I tore apart the beautiful lego set that we had just finished last night. AND I ruined one of my nails doing it. I don't often splurge but it is relaxing to have a manicure and while running errands yesterday I stopped and indulged myself. A turned down both breakfast options of pumpkin pancakes and egg on toast and instead requested a cinnamon apple. Good Girl. So I chopped a honey crisp apple, sprinkled cinnamon over the top, and nuked it covered in the microwave for a couple of minutes. She ate every piece. No I did not use plastic in the microwave.

So the brined turkey is in the fridge surrounded by lots of awesome ingredients and there is just the Costco run to make tomorrow at lunch. I love that they won't be opened on Thanksgiving - no one should have to work that day. Hmmm. Could we function if that happened? Lets see, we have self serve gas stations for those in need; dinner might not be perfect if someone forgot to pick up rolls or flowers or wine but it would still be wonderful - it's about the people remember - and everyone would be well rested for the craziness called Black Friday. While at Lowe's yesterday I noticed there was a small section largely labeled as Black Friday specials; marketing strikes again. I will admit to having browsed through their Christmas section, and was able to resist everything with the exception of one beautiful pink poinsettia. $7, couldn't pass it up.

Time to plug in my audio book and rotate another's day worth of dishes. I won't be cooking for the next four days, I picked up a jug of Kale Blazer by Naked to sip on throughout the day and there are veggies in the fridge to make fresh juice if I feel so inclined. After take out last night I am swollen and grumpy about it.

One last thought; we are excited about the sweet potatoes this year. Organic Garnet yams roasted and then blended with butter and a little brown sugar, then topped with a crumble of diced pecans, cranberries and TRIPLE GINGER COOKIES, then covered with mini marshmallows. Who needs pie after that? Well, we do and the pumpkin is already in the freezer.

Maybe one more cookie before doing the dishes...after all, I did not drive through to get breakfast this morning. Another Good Girl - Me this time!

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