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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Most delicious Butternut Squash Soup ever!

Yesterday I made butternut squash soup.

First there must be a pot roast cooked with an abundance of onions so that there are leftovers. In my daughter's pot roast this meant pearl onions left in the bottom of the container of left overs swimming in beef broth. Also of importance is the mushroom salt that she used to season her dish.

Second you must roast cubed butternut squash that has been carefully coated with olive oil and a little mushroom salt because you didn't realize the onions had already been seasoned with the same mixture. I think I have posted it before, but just in case here it is again. Magic Mushroom Powder.

Thirdly combine the onions and squash in blender batches, adding organic veggie broth each time to facilitate the blending. Add each batch to a sauce pan as it is blended until all have been processed.

Finally bring the soup slowly to heat until just under a boil. (In this instance everything had been cooked the day before and was cold from the fridge.)

Way too much salt, which is probably why it was so good. And not vegan, there was most likely beef fat bringing it's contribution to the party. And I was definitely swollen the next morning, but as a once it a while treat well worth it.

So the plan is that when I hear my daughter planning a pot roast for dinner I will remind her to add extra onions and I will pick up a carton of cubed butternut squash so I can replicate the recipe.

As previously noted, Most Delicious!

This morning I finished the juice from yesterday: cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple, luscious blackberries, carrots and celery.

Lunch was leftover pumpkin pancakes from the freezer with PB &J on top. Decadence! This afternoon I've been keeping full of hot lemon & ginger water. Time to check the fridge and make a grocery list so I am prepared for the week ahead.

But first some reading with A - nice.

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