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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I got nothin'

Up this morning picking up where I left off last night; bed made, then stacked with everything I wanted up off the floor. Amazing how much stuff I have in here with me! Well, Kaylee's crate is part of it so I can  partially blame her too. One more thorough vacuum job, get the dogs settled out back, and greet the cleaners. Oh, and get ready for work.

Then off to work a half day. Home to check things out, then off to buy accent carpets and a new welcome mat so I can recycle the old one to outside the back slider. Hopefully the carpet will finish drying overnight and when I get home tomorrow I can begin re-assembling the house. Without the extraneous stuff.

I rotated the dishes in the kitchen and I'll prep veggies tonight for tomorrow's juice. We have some tart kiwi's that I need to use so that will change up the flavour a bit, and I'm out of lemon. I think I'll go out back in the morning and snag an orange off the tree for another splash of citrus.

Rented Begin Again from Demand to put my feet up and relax which is hard to do in a house that currently has wall to wall damp carpet. But I made do with my office chair and one clear corner of my bed. And the movie was a nice diversion on a rainy prevening.

Tomorrow is another half day at work, the morning this time, and my hope is to clean off the back patio when I get home. Which works out well for the drought because murphy's law being what it is the forecast is for rain the rest of the week - don't cha know.

Dinner was Panda Express. Out of the blue. Don't even know how I ended up inside ordering food. One of those auto-movements that catch me by surprise. The minty taste of my tums a reminder of why chow mein is NOT a good choice despite my love of noodles. A serving would have been okay, but a whole bowl full is a bit  more than a serving. Sigh. But stayed busy most of the day and not beating myself up too bad.

One more rotation of letting the dogs out then washing & drying their paws one at a time as I let them back in. PITA!!! I just want the carpet to stay clean through the holidays. I don't want to have to do this again in December. Oh to have the funds to replace the flooring...and the roof...and the landscaping in the back yard...

I am looking forward to settling into bed, turning off the light once the window is open wide, and just listening to the rain while I dream and plan.

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