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Friday, January 4, 2013

What's going on..

Family was the bright star lighting my way as I walked and breathed through yet another holiday season. This morning the last piece of chocolate is a fading memory on my tongue and the number on the scale scary enough to shock ten years off my timeline; which might not be a bad thing as 58 looms in my near future.

One might ask why I would weigh myself after eating a piece of chocolate for breakfast, or rather for a snack - anything before 5am has to be considered a snack, despite the fact I did break my fast with the sugar and cocoa, food doesn't count as breakfast until 6am. It was the drug I was after; if I had to be up I wanted to be actually awake. Then I used the scale to remember one of the reasons it's time to stop the indulgence train. Too much whine and not enough action. Enough already.

I would love to get back to basics, but still can't walk because of the pain it creates in my chest. At least I am stretching, back to eating mostly plants, and drinking enough water; all good things but again...not enough to make a difference. Yet. How tedious it all is, I need something better to write about, I don't think the current theme (case in point) is helping me think anymore. But we write what we know, so I need to have better stimuli. What a wicked circle. Which brings to mind the picture I just saw posted on my D's FB page. Surprise, surprise, when I went to copy it for the blog - it's from The Earth Diet ! Go figure.
And I am reminded about the three years that I ate well and lost 50 pounds. I wasn't working 9-5, and had time to research everything. I surrounded myself with positive influences and healthy information; reading about nutrition every day and walking and eating plants. So I know what works, I just need to integrate it with working the grind. Alright already. Here I go -  and yes, it's a list. I just need to convince myself to start with 1.

1. Juice  2. Lose weight  3. Heal  4. Get off the meds 5. Walk

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