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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Water & Hope on a Saturday

This morning's reminder to self - start the day with water. Hydration makes it possible for me to know when I am hungry, and on the weekend I love to start the day more slowly with food, waiting to feel the need for fuel rather than fixing breakfast on a timetable that works with starting the work day. I can't remember all the reasons, but I know I read lots about breaking  your fast with water - google your heart out if you feel the need. And for sure I do feel better drinking a few cups of H2O down before anything else hits my stomach.

Today I need to finish evicting the ants from my kitchen, and I'm looking forward to getting rid of the odds and ends that have found their way into bowls and corners and stacks on the counters. I have a feeling Spring cleaning is coming early this year. Note to self - pace yourself, do not burn out early and spend the rest of the day recovering.

I am excited about new possibilities this morning. Happenstance has brought me into contact with a new friend, and it feels promising - you know, of the race that knows Joseph, so to say. If you have read the Anne books (of Green Gables, etc) you know of what I speak. But our personalities seem to 'like' each other off the bat, and my mood is good this morning, feeling like we are about to embark on a journey together. I met him because he had 'liked' TOPS on Facebook, and I reached out - and he has held his hand out in return. I haven't met his wife yet, but I am already thinking we are the three musketeers and in for a great adventure. At any rate I am crossing my fingers and full of hope this morning; it would be ever so nice to have a small supportive group to help get this weight off.

Plan for the day:  Ants, Green Smoothie, Clean kitchen counters, Chopped salad for lunch, steamed veggies and rice for dinner. Simple, doable, positive.  Happy Saturday!

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