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Monday, January 28, 2013

another short one

Yes, I made it around the block after dinner. No, I didn't walk at lunch. I was sick and kept telling everyone I was leaving early and more shit kept hitting my desk and before I knew it eight hours had flown by and I was driving home exhausted and coughing up a lung. Or trying to.

In any case, I came in to see what Dani's graffiti with punctuation looked like for the day and couldn't even pull up the post because I hadn't walked myself yet and I could feel the guilt crawling up my spine. So I grabbed my coat, slipped on the crocs, and clipped Kalyee to her leash and headed out around the block. It's still really hard (cough, yak, choke...) but all in all I am glad I went; mostly because when I got home my body was warm and ready to ... unload some more crap. My poor lungs.

Anyway, Dani, that walk was for you, and here is a pic of my standing workstation. We took an old nightstand that had already been whittled down for when the mattress had been on the floor a lifetime or two ago and just stacked in on my desk. Works perfectly.

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Dani Hemmat, Trainer at Move Your Body Better & Hoopmistress of Island HoopFit said...

Wow, your standing work station is a beauty!!! Well done, it looks perfect. Sorry you're sick, I know how those sick-day walks can be, and your a trooper for doing it!!