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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Day One

I am out of my anti-inflammatory meds, and a little nervous about the coming day and what pain it might bring. But I am also curious as to how this will affect my mental capacity - which has been lacking somewhat at work. Too many ridiculous mistakes, even for me. I'm going to open the last bottle of Oki and add that to my afternoons to help keep down the inflammation, as well as continuing the Vivix my DD gave me to try in my morning smoothies; go fruit. 

I woke too early, before 4am, rehearsing what I might say to the therapist on Friday. Craziness, never did get back to sleep. But I'm going to put cocoa in my smoothie and not drive through for a decaff. So, bottom line, still struggling. Still starting over most days, and thank heavens there is no limit on how many Day One's you can have. I plan on using one up today.

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