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Saturday, January 26, 2013


The body is a conglomeration of wondrous components whose health is dependent on a variety of important factors; IMHO they are nutrition, movement and mental health. Failing in one of these areas is tantamount to knocking out one of the legs of the tripod, and when you ignore or abuse all three...well, there you go to rot and ruin fairly quickly.  Grilled cheese,  too much emotional stress, and embodying the tenants of a couch potato do not make for a healthy machine. Succumbing to neglect on all three fronts my body has rebelled in a full blown cold. I know I had been fighting the bug for weeks as one after another everyone at the office fell victim. But replacing green smoothies and home cooked nutritious lunches with fast food knocked the final leg from under me and I fell. Hard.

So today is about liquids, rest, and staying warm.  This is what the Dr. told me Friday while there to see her on another matter. She forgot to say Chicken Soup! I imagine ordering in Won Ton soup for dinner, always a blessing when you have a cold. And while I began the day with hash browns and eggs over easy (I think it's been years since I made that!) I will be eating better and taking care of myself today - cuz tons of snot running out of one's nose is anything but pleasant and I want it GONE.

Happy Saturday to me - I will not be going in to work after all. Another small blessing.

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