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Friday, January 25, 2013

Survival Mode

How silly to feel like a survivor after a hellish week. People struggle with worse all the time, I know that, and I have no particular desire to jump into a pity pool just because it was a particularly harder than usual week for me. But I guess I just needed to acknowledge that it was hard and I made it through. Yes I know, there was a healthy side dish of whine and angst as evidenced by my rash of posts, but nevertheless, here I am home safe and sound, in one piece and still employed.  

The final meeting today at work was productive, the consultant agreed with me on almost every single thing, and I got what I wanted! I am proud I spoke out, and kept the department going in the direction I wanted, and so relieved of the support I got. Hopefully the boss sees me in a better light, and I'll have the desperately needed time now to focus on my special projects and improve the quality of my work. 

Then the therapist; I had to stop at Kaiser on the way home so a shrink could evaluate my meds and review my mental state. It was painless, not at all traumatic, and I go back in a month for a final review of the meds.  Two days of meetings and my pain level has decreased; it's wonderful to be home and not totally wiped out by pain.

Now I just need to call my massage therapist and let her know I have a cold. Yuck. I was really looking forward to the massage. Instead I will curl up with lots of hot tea, extra Immune and rest, and putter just a little while I work on getting better.

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