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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Around the block

My lungs ache, whether from the change from stale to fresh air or the stress of just breathing heavier than usual, they are just a little stressed. I think walking must be important when we are sick, so that we pump our Lymph system and help remove the crap we have stored there while fighting a virus, or whatever. But it sure is exhausting. It was more a stroll than a walk; Kaylee and I just meandering down the sidewalk while she took advantage of the pace to sniff everything she could. I was so happy to see the home stretch, a short enough piece since we are only one house in from the corner, and relieved that one, we had made it out out for our walk and two, we were done!

I anticipate each day will get better, but will keep the walks short while I am fighting this cold.  I won't necessarily blog each day, but walk I will. Speaking of blogging, I was watching Contagion earlier and there was a great line that went something like this, "Blogging isn't writing, it's graffiti with punctuation." That tickled my funny bone, not that I  necessarily agree with the statement, but that I love the idea that what I do here is expressive enough to be called graffiti.

Back to my tea.

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