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Friday, January 18, 2013


As Poodle might say, Thank Dog It's Friday! Seriously, this is the end of another ... challenging ... week. A portent of times to come with all the upheaval I have planned for this new year. While I may yearn for a quiet and pacific new year, that is not what I have set in motion. Typically we can deal as long as we have a couple of strong legs in the tripod to keep us on the level; work, family, significant other. But when all three are wobbly it is truly a challenge to stay upright and steady. I almost mixed metaphors there, I wanted to type 'crumble under the pressure' but then I would have had to reword the beginning of the sentence. If only all problems were that small. Which in fact they all are if looked at from the right perspective.  So that is what I am trying to do, look at my life and trifecta of stress from a new and positive perspective. One of gratitude. I am grateful for my work, that ensures I can pay the  mortgage; I am grateful the kids want to move in, I'm looking forward to collaborating on projects; I am grateful my soon to be ex-honey is being calm and friendly in the face of our looming separation; we both need a chance to break free of our respective depressions.

I am spending way too much time on the couch in front of the boob tube, when I arrive home I am in pain and physically exhausted. I did have one good day after the acupuncture session where my pain level was much lower. Silly me, I thought it was going to stay that way but it was just a tease. Oh well, on the right track as they say. One day I will find this infamous 'they' and wring their bloody necks.

But like the badgers of Narnia, I endure to fight another day - which means that yes, the ants are back in the kitchen, and I go to battle!

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