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Friday, July 18, 2014

Juicing for 60: days thirteen - eighteen

Well a week just disappeared. Vanished. I have not been juicing regularly, have been more tired than usual, and watching more TV; then early this morning I had a vertigo attack. I am wondering if the tiredness was a precursor to the spinning. I did manage to make it swimming with A yesterday and work on a small art project with her afterwards.

It's Friday, thank heavens, and I have a Shape shake mixed, packed and ready to go with me to work IF I am stable over the next half hour as I have been since waking the 2nd time today.

NO Salt or Sugar
PLENTY of water
JUICE all weekend
EXTRA Immune

Cucumber, baby kale leaves, green apple and a small lemon juiced then added 3/4 scoop chocolate Shape. YUM!

I WILL take care of myself, I WILL feel better.

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