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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Juicing for 60: days eight, nine & ten

I am so laughing at myself. I haven't juiced in almost a week, or had any to drink in almost as long. Today I bought a fruit and Kale juice blend at the store to try since my sleep pattern is messed up from vacation and I'm not waking up early enough to juice before work. After work I am tired and there are too many other demands on my attention.

For instance, tonight we had to paint a wooden pirate ship. It's important stuff!

I have 50 days left and I suspect they will be closer to what I originally intended; sort of juicing everyday for two meals and eating one crunchy big salad each day for the third.

The tomatoes we are eating off the plants out back are divinely sweet and dense, such a delight after the grocery store fare.

I also brought home baby romaine heads (mostly dark leaves), a big bag of baby power greens, raw sprouted sunflower seeds, a large bag of frozen blueberries, and black bean burger patties to throw in my salads to change them up.

I am calm, focused, and on my way out to the front of the house to work on cleaning it up. There is a party planned next door for the 26th and I would like it to look nicer than it currently does, which is not at all. Spilled broken pieces of chalk, a broken flower pot with dirt everywhere, an old discarded hose...sigh, I came from better. I need to try harder. In all things.

With The Golden Compass in my ears for company, I am a force of one with which to be reckoned. See, I can end a sentence without a preposition.

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