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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Juicing for 60: days eleven & twelve

Friday: Worked all day, then home to veg in front of the tv. Eventually I ended up with popcorn, a movie, and a squiggly five year old. At one point R and I had all the animals (4) and the child on our one little couch, but everyone except A was too tired to care if we were crowded.

Saturday: This morning A and I cuddled on  my bed in front of the  tv while I sipped hot tea and she told me all about how we were going to go out and water the tomatoes. Welcome to the weekend.

But first we watched the end of the movie, and then we juiced.

Cucumber, asparagus stalks, green apple, baby kale, lemon, kale stalks, and five little strawberries. TART ALERT! I always taste the juice before filling my bottles. This morning we added a little freshly squeezed pineapple juice and some of the fruit/kale blend I had purchased at Costco. Now it was tart but also delicious. It is important to keep the ratio in favor of the greens, but it must also be drinkable or what's the point.

Out the to brick  patio where we settled on the chaise lounge and read first about a loathsome dragon and then the adventure of a tiny mouse.  Watering was next and with a little help A did the tomatoes and flowers, also filling her small watering can so it was ready for her small flower pot.

Today I hope to finish the work I began outside earlier this week so that the front of the house is welcoming and clean (no spiderwebs or spilled dirt.) At some point I need to pick up a miniature rose bush for the planter, but I will be sure to NOT do that when I am hungry to avoid temptation. The weather is cooperating, only 85 today is projected, and tonight there will be gazing to be done at the full moon. It is especially close this month and should be gorgeous. See Super Moon.

Laundry, dishes, bathroom - necessary evils to battle for the greater good. (A and I share a bathroom.)

Sounds like a busy day, but tomorrow....tomorrow I am being treated to a massage and very much looking forward to it. Thank you Miss C.

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