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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Juicing for 60: days nineteen and twenty

Yesterday was good, kale and fruit juice, and I worked in the backyard. We had a small incident with the new umbrella not being tightened down to the stand (all me) and the wind lifted it up and banged it back down on the glass table top smashing it to smithereens all over the brick patio. We swept, then I vacuumed and finally hosed off trying to get all the tiniest pieces of glass up - which we all know is physically impossible - so that the dog's paws would be safe.

Today after the usual backyard chores I spent some time and sweat working some more out front. I have very little left to do out there before the baby shower next weekend so that makes me happy. No juice today, but also no fast food. Fruit for breakfast, veggie patty sandwich on sourdough for lunch, and lentil soup for dinner after a starter of corn on the cob and kale salad. Lots of real food, which makes me happy.

My goal tonight is to leave the kitchen clean so there are no obstacles to juicing in the morning. There are all of the usual suspects ready to sacrifice their goodness to my morning juice; cukes, celery, ginger & apple. Maybe some more of the costco kale fruit juice blend if it's not sweet enough for a Monday morning.

Another weekend gone, but not wasted. I also picked up material to sew a baby blanket this week, I think I will leave work early one day to have some peace and quiet to work.

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