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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Juicing for 60: day two

Up early; dishes, prep, juicing, more dishes, water the tomatoes, dress, out the door to work.

Long day, worked through lunch to make sure everything was in order at my desk before leaving for a few days off. It was nice and quiet and much was accomplished.

Home late; picked up food for the cat and dogs, plus new bins to keep it in. SOMEthing has been gnawing on the bags in the garage. Ewwwww.

I leave tomorrow to visit Mom, hopefully the traffic won't be too horrible yet leading into the holiday weekend. I rarely travel over a holiday, but I will go prepared with a new audio book loaded up on my shuffle and a determined patience to go with the flow down highway five towards southern California. I could probably make that drive in my sleep, I've been doing it for ...omg... over 40 years. What does it say about me that almost every vacation has been going home to visit my Mom. My whole life, despite the fact she often makes me nuts, I do love her.

I am thinking to take Kaylee with me poor thing, she does not travel well. I won't feed her in the morning which should help, and I have spray for her bedding that is calming. Mostly she will sleep and be pissed off at me.

Laundry is in, I'll pack in the morning. I've just hit my wall - at seventeen hours - not bad for an old gal.

cucumber, lemon, ginger, beet, beet greens, strawberries, apple - the reddest juice Ever!

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