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Monday, July 7, 2014

Juicing for 60: days five, six & seven

Saturday & Sunday were quiet days spent with Mom. Her AC was out and the temps were over 95 each day. There was no juicing done, nor shopping for juice. I think I wore her out Friday so we laid low trying to ignore the ever rising temperature of the house,watching TV - with commercials - and eating Waffle Cone Ice Cream.  Sunday she goes to McD's for an iced coffee and a sausage muffin, and of course I didn't say no. Did you know Orlando Bloom was in an episode of Midsomer Murders in 2000? What a hoot.

I did manage to get in the pool a few times; after two days sans the bright blue bubbly blanket it had been sporting when I arrived, the water cooled off to under 90° and I decided that it was finally worth changing into my extra large suit and taking a dip. God it felt good to be back in the water stretching my hips and enjoying a floating bosom that weights NOTHING!

Other than the ice cream we ate fairly light both days. I sauteed some Brussels sprouts to add to the spicy homemade lentil soup I had ferried south for dinner one night, and we had the last half of our tiny seedless watermelon and a nuked sweet potato each the next. Salads rounded out each day; romaine & butter lettuce, cress, cabbage, thinly sliced Brussels sprouts and cucumber tossed with Parmesan and Italian dressing one day and lite Ranch the next. 

This morning, Monday, I was terribly bad at breakfast driving through Jimmy Deans for a grilled breakfast sandwich and then stopping for an Arizona Green Tea\Ginseng tea with honey and a smallish bag of Cheetos while I filled my tank at the gas station. I will say that when I stopped to give little Kaylee a break I did not get anything else to eat, but did splurge on a coke knowing I had much to do once home.

There was a spattering of rain that persaged my arrival, but after lugging everything into the house from the car (what a happy dog!) I headed out to Splashes and had the car scrubbed in and out down to steaming the carpets. A full tank of gas and a large can of coconut water later I was once again home to do laundry.

After the splurge this morning I thought I would never be hungry again, but at 4 pm my stomach growled and upon looking in the fridge discovered CAKE. Yum. Which of course prompted my pitiful memory of how I was supposed to be juicing and blogging and had done neither for two days. So here is my catch up entry, and should I desire any other dinner than the piece of cake already consumed I will make it juice at best, or a green smoothie at worst since there are ripe bananas on the counter begging to be twirled with the kale I just took on a round trip to Saugus and back. Is that redundant?

Tired is setting in, and it's about time to go get Miss A from daycare. Lord give me the strength.

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