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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Juicing for 60; day one

I would like to pay attention to each and every day for the next 60. I will do everything I can to stay focused on the objectives; feel better and wear something pretty to the wedding in September.

Plan: juice frequently, move often, no eating after 7pm, drink water to break my fast, supplement my days with CBS. Simple. For me the hard part is remembering that I have a goal, that it is possible to achieve that goal, and that I will be SUPER happy in doing so. One might think that would be the easy part, but for me, not so much. In an effort to succeed I will make it a daily practice to write, to find online support - PEERTrainer maybe - and begin and end every day with a positive affirmation. That is my chore for this first day - write the affirmation.

I will do everything I can today to feel lighter and healthier. I will find something to wear to the wedding the last week of August.

Something like that.

I realize that I have just one page turn on the calendar, that I don't have a single day to say Fuck It. And it's not so much the wedding - I have no one to impress but myself - it's more a definitive piece of time I am setting aside in which to build a platform off of which I can jump forward into a sustained pattern of healthier living.

I am putting H behind me. I am remembering Joey with only positive thoughts. I am putting me first as if I truly deserve to be there. Because don't we all. It's such a short time we spend in these bodies, and I so regret that I have ruined so much of mine being fat and discontent.

I remember thinking I would have it together at 30, then it was 40 and certainly by 50; now 60 is looming on the horizon and it has only become worse. Thirty years of making myself crazy, talk about a waste of time.

I will do everything I can today to feel lighter and healthier.

cucumber, celery, power greens, asparagus stalks, green apple, red grapes, ginger & lemon

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