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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Juicing for 60: day four - or- Happy Fourth of July!!

Never go shopping for ice cream with someone who is more interested in price than ingredients.

I come by my 'micro management' genes honestly, resulting in a few small squabbles yesterday with my remaining parental unit, one of them almost ending in a car accident as I attempted to turn left into oncoming traffic; seeing a man's face where non should be I swerved in the nick of time. Maybe I was not the better choice of driver after all. But mostly it disconcerts me that at my age just being with my Mother can for brief moments of time strip away my calm and maturity. Assuming I had any in the first place.

This is not going as I anticipated. Without laying out the tedious details, just let me say that we went to IHOP for lunch, had our potato salad and watermelon for dinner, and cups of a commercial brand ice cream for dessert.  It was too hot to BBQ the hot dogs, and they had never been taken out of the freezer any way so that was pretty much a moot point.

We did get more steps in, a visit to Home Depot looking for a sun shade took care of that. If nothing else, I accomplished getting her interested in the free pedometer I found sitting in a box on her coffee table and she has a goal to work towards. Should she desire such.

Drinking my cuppa decaf and wandering the cool morning I found a leak in the drip system, so replacing that line will be my good deed for the day. I'll have my shake for breakfast if it's still any good, keep moving, have veggies all day, and not be drawn out into the world of fast food if I can help it.

Millions would trade places with me in a heartbeat, I am not complaining. Much.

PS the fireworks from the patio were very pretty and I went to bed content.

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