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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Checking in

Yesterday at the pool: "Sweetie, they're a lot older than you" I explained as I trod water next to my little five year old granddaughter in the soft chlorinated pool water. "So?"  Pouty face notwithstanding, she has a backbone to be envious of. Then as I drift away I watch her tilt her chin up, and fierceness pouring out of her every pour, face the three t'weens who are roughhousing half way across the width of the pool and yell,'I want to play with you!" And they welcome her into the fray. Face shining she is astride one of them, whooping and hollering along with the rest she has evened out their number to four and now the races can really begin in earnest.

I am so proud of her; of how fearless she is in the water, of how she stands up for what she wants. With a few notable exceptions, I was in my thirties before I could do that. I see great things coming for this child.

We had a quick trip to the library after work, fast food for dinner ( I need to work on saying no) and now that we are home from today's relatively quiet swim and we have had our snacks it's time to enjoy a quiet evening. She is curled up on my bed watching Coraline, her mother is in the living room watching My Best Friends Wedding, and I am catching up here. I am standing at my computer, have been on the go since leaving work, and feel like with the exception of the fries have had an admirable day.

That being said I have just remembered the groceries that have been sitting in the car since lunchtime, and I need to go rescue some cucumbers and beets.

That's me all over.

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