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Friday, July 4, 2014

Juicing (barely) for 60: day three

This should be day 3 of 60 for juicing. And here I am at my Mother's without my juicer. I did think about packing it up to bring, but not wanting to disrupt her too much I instead packed cucumbers for the trip to tide me over until we went shopping. Right now juicing is something I do in addition to eating, not a replacement, so I decided to just make healthy choices as much as possible while I am here.

Make plans to see God laugh!

We went to Tommy's yesterday for Tamales - YUM. This is a childhood memory; standing in line with the family, carrying our trays of food. I can even remember where we parked and walking down to what was then a window behind which the flurry of a kitchen beat out a rhythm we all wanted to dance to in anticipation.

Of course I was up several times last night, my body in full rebellion; luckily they currently have no NorCal locations to tempt me while I am at home.

Last night we had salads for a light dinner, and graham crackers with sharp cheddar just because.  So much for healthy choices! I will say the salad was full of cucumber...

Today is July 4th, and we have a traditional dinner of  hot dogs to BBQ, watermelon chilling in the fridge and a relatively small container of TJ's Potato Salad to share. I am hoping to find a place to park the car and watch the fireworks display at Magic Mountain tonight, but will not be devastated if we cannot. 

This morning's fare was a toasted British Muffin with PB, sliced bananas and a light drizzle of honey. Not THAT's a healthy choice! I have my left over beet juice shaken with some Shake (I know, prosaic) for lunch that will have to be my juice for the day. I plan on dragging Mom out to Jamba Juice tomorrow so I can splurge on one of their green drinks, or maybe just to the grocery store for some bottles of Green Machine or something similar.

I'm definitely moving more, puttering in the back yard as I always do when visiting here, and the pool is a sauna, measuring temps in the 90's, so I uncovered it this morning and added some cold water. A swim each day is definitely in the works.

I've made my bed, watered, scooped all of the leaves out of the pool, plus I'm now all clean and shiny (lmao - I first typed green and shiny, what a hoot!) and ready to 'start' the day. 

I do love my mornings.

'!*~*!~ Happy Independence Day America ~!*~*!'

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