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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Orenda, here I come!

The wind blew in a nice little storm last night; I felt I lay awake listening to the rain for hours, thinking about my life, and how to jump back in. This morning the world was beautifully clean outside, and Kaylee and I took an early morning walk. Thanks to Daylight Savings ending it was a really early walk, for us anyway. I still catch myself in my PJ's at noon some days, but I am getting better - those days are the exception now. My little doxi Kaylee came home soaked from the walk, low rider that she is, and I came home with my thoughts back to where they were last night, thinking about working and becoming more integrated. I haven't been actively working since Joey died. But it's time to get back to work, and as Kaylee and I had walked, I found myself thinking about her leg, and how quickly she had healed, and I knew the work I needed to get back to was Orenda.

She broke her leg a while back, and I gave her the O-Tropin spray and Immune as well as her usual Canine All In One Formula. The Vet's were impressed with her speedy recovery; they see a lot of little dogs with broken legs so had lots of history to compare her to; apparently this is very common. It still feels good that I had been able to help in her recovery with the wellness products.

Then I thought about me, and the part Orenda played in my recovery. I don't know what I would have done without my Balance Spray and Immune while fending my way through grief. Grief apparently lowers your immune system, and often being sick a lot is considered to be part of the grieving process, but I remained healthy, without a cold or flu. And on hard emotional days I would count on their Balance Spray to calm me down quickly as it helped lower my stress hormones, so I could act rationally instead of falling apart. This was especially helpful during the trial. But that is over now, and I need to move on.

During the last six plus years I have taken my AIO-Female, the O-Tropin Spray, and Immune just about every day. It's rare that I miss a day, they are a small but important constant in my everyday routine. I count on them to keep me healthy, and now as I focus on health and eating foods high in nutrients, I'm thinking it's once again time to turn to Orenda to help me out.

I really wanted to spend time learning about food, and addressing the mental issues I had with it, and eating the healthiest diet I could. And this took a long time, because like most of us I had been brainwashed by big industry to eat rather badly. Well, no more. Now I eat for nutrition instead of counting calories, and while I do have treats, I aim for 90% of what I eat to be of benefit, not harmful. So I feel I have come a long way towards even better health, and I feel that I'm now ready to lose some significant weight. But as I said, I need some help, and that is where Orenda will come in again.

The Balance Spray works with any healthy eating plan as a great support tool to help with appetite and metabolism (follow link above to ingredients.) While I have mostly solved most eating challenges by switching to a diet of mostly plants, I have moments of weakness usually brought on by self pity, and I know that by controlling those lapses I will lose faster, and using the spray will be perfect.

I'm ready to lose weight, to look as good as I feel, and to start sharing the Orenda products again. I recently started a friend on product, and she's getting great results, so that is a wonderful motivator for me. I miss seeing customers go from desperate to excited, I miss knowing I am helping, I miss that feeling of worth. So here I am, throwing my heart over the fence, trusting that the rest of me will follow. I don't know who coined that phrase, but it works for me ♥

I'm going to try and dedicate this blog over the next couple of months to my weight loss experience, and I think that combined with my new way of eating healthy it's going to be all downhill :) This is the perfect way to get through the holidays without sabotaging the progress I've made in the last five months. Halloween taught me I need help, so here I am, counting on Orenda to get me through.

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