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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Orenda Balance Spray, Day 3

On mornings I wake up and need to get going, I take my AIO-F formula and an Immune with a shot of Oki. Then I'll drink my breakfast on the way to work in a bit. (Magic Bullet: 1 whole orange, 1T flax meal, 1/2C lite soy milk, dash of molasses, dash of vanilla.)

The Immune capsule is for extra support during my SO's travel season; he comes into contact with all sorts of bugs in airports & at conventions etc. I like not getting sick. It's been four years since I had a cold, and the two years before that also. One small cold in six years is pretty good. Plus this is the time of year some sort of upper respiratory infection would set in - I don't miss that yearly merry-go-round of doctors, meds & tissues either. It was pointed out to me I could spend my money now and be healthy, or spend my money later when I am sick. I chose the preventative route, and ever so grateful that I did.

I'm off to work at the office this morning. This has often been a challenge, I drive past so many fast food stops on the way to work through town. No matter which route I take there is evil lurking. Mostly it's just the french fries at Popeyes that tempt me these days, but I am going prepared. I will have an apple and a crunch green pepper to munch on driving home; I've found that if my mouth is already full it's easier to drive past without turning in. Having to post what I eat at PEERtrainer has been a big help too. More about that later. Gotta run.

Here is my snack, left over soup, and water that I took in the car. I love crisp, cold peppers - they are so sweet and yummy.

I Made it home without stopping anywhere I shouldn't have, and have lots to do to keep busy this afternoon. Proofing, sewing, maybe another dog walk. I squeezed in 30 minutes with my Kaylee ( I call he my little bit) this morning; she is so cute and gets so happy when she figures out a walk might be on her horizon. As soon as she sees the socks going on she gets hopeful, and when I pick up the shoes shes on me like glue. Makes me realize how seldom I get dressed to go out, my bad!

We went out to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. I watched my portions and feel good about my choices except for the one Princess Shrimp I had. It's not that big a deal, but I know the breading and sauce were devoid of nutrition. But a treat is a treat, and I won't stress about one shrimp. ...or the fortune cookie :)

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