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Friday, November 28, 2008

Surviving a holiday

Having my sister for the holiday was wonderful. We have become closer in the last few years, visiting and keeping in touch, and I am so glad she was here. The day was filled with cooking, and everything was delish! Especially the new sweet potato recipe, I will definitely do that again. Unfortunately my SO was expecting sugary sweet potatoes so he was a little disappointed. I promised I would make a traditional casserole for him at Christmas. My sis was on dish detail yesterday, bless her heart, and it was a relief to not end the day utterly exhausted for a change. Today when the kids were here most of us took a walk after the leftover ritual of making all-in-one sandwiches. It was a great few days, and unlike last year we were even able to mention Joey out loud. Partly because we see a bit of him in the new granddaughter. Looking at my kid's old pics, there is an age between about one and three where it's hard to tell them apart. Very fun, and so it's not surprising to see him there in the new arrival.

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