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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 7 (my granddaughter was born Day 5)

Busy Days! I have a Granddaughter, and all my energy has gone there. 20.5 hours of labour (my daughter) and isn't she a beauty.
7lbs 12.3oz and 20" long. She was born Friday and they are going home from the hospital today. So I have been sewing all afternoon to get the cushion covers finished for the glider in their nursery. I figured new babies are usually late, but she came the day after she was due, the little stinker!

Anyway, didn't want to spend much time cooking tonight, but after two days of eating out I wanted dinner to to be healthy. So it was the perfect time to pull out the Trader Joe's White Beans mix
that I had picked up for such an occasion. No chemicals, and 21% of fat from sunflower oil. Sodium 590 so typical of processed beans, but nothing else today was processed so I'm good.

I steamed some Brussels Sprouts and together they were very good; I did add some Smoked Paprika and ground pepper.

So busy days ahead, and won't have time to post each meal, but I will check in regularly and make a point to share anything wonderful I come across or make. Speaking of which, I added in some shallot and date to my orange\walnut dressing at lunch and it was an excellent combination. Blend until smooth: 1 orange, 1/2oz walnuts, 2T vinegar, 2 chopped dates, 1 sm. shallot chopped. I ate the whole thing, so two servings of fruit and half my healthy fat for the day. I'll probably make some coleslaw in a bit and throw in some pepitas for my 2nd fat. Now...Back to sewing!

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