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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oat Bran Blueberry Pancakes

Last night I lay awake in that elusive but sought after dream state where you can really think clearly, and tried to make sense of ... everything. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, what does that mean? do we choose the experience? in that case is everything preordained so you know what to pick? and why do we pick? do we want to or are we compelled? and who orchestrates that? and how impossible does all of that seem given the way everything intertwines? is that god? is this an experiment? or is this school and someone picks for us? is there nirvana somewhere that we aspire to and have to take certain classes to get in? or by spiritual do we mean purely intellectual energy and we dive into a human life like a ride at the carnival? is that why there is so much suffering on earth? those lives feel more and the goal is to feel - with no difference between good and bad? As you can tell this went on for quite a while, and while the questions kept coming with divine clarity, there were no answers presenting themselves for the session.

My answer ... pancakes! Or rather, one large pancake. 1/2C each lite soy milk and oat bran, 1T flax meal, 1/4tsp each baking powder and soda, 1T raw agave, 1 1/2C blueberries nuked on high for a couple of minutes until it's jam. This made one huge oat bran pancake that fit perfectly in my 9" crepe pan. Cut up and drenched with steaming blueberries this was filling and felt decadent while still falling into the healthy range. So while I am still medicating with food, the good news is that the quality of the food has improved greatly. This high fiber breakfast should keep me happy well past lunchtime ;)

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