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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Presents

I was stressing a tiny bit over what to do about presents earlier today; worried the holiday spirit hadn't kicked in, worried about money or the lack thereof, worried that I wasn't more worried. Then my DD came over with the new baby and we started talking about who she looks like and I pulled out my basket of film. After Joey died I finally got around to putting all my super 8 film onto DVD's - so afraid of losing those memories and wanting desperately to see them, to see him. Last year I picked up the software to make labels, and so I'm thinking this is the year to finally finish up the project and get copies out to the family. When the DVD's were made they also made four master reels that I can still run on the projector; I can see ahead ten years, a. watching her mother on film cavorting naked in the sprinklers and laughing with delight. Anyway, I need to get on that tomorrow and start making copies and labels and christmas sleeves to wrap them in. At least at this point it's just my time that's needed to pull it all together, which is good because that is what I have to give right now. Watching part of it tonight was like having my heart wrenched out of my chest, and we stopped and said our goodnights before it became any more maudlin. Only happy thoughts around that baby! No wrecking the new merchandise.

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