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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Job well done

My trip to the keyboard this morning is a way of reminding myself that I need to be careful today. I have already been working out back, and the sweat I worked for is still drying. I stopped for a couple of cuties as I finally felt hungry, and when logging them in my food journal I realized that while Fuhrman promotes breaking our fast with fruit (and usually only fruit) I am not quite there yet and with the tasks I have in mind for the day 80 calories was not going to cut it. Sure the oranges satisfied my immediate hunger, but I can see that later, after shampooing the carpet, I would be ravenous and there are still cookies in the kitchen, cookies I do not intend to eat.

So as a preemptive strike I made a vegan protein shake (ugh, I miss the Orenda Shape) with cashew milk, a splash of organic vanilla, and a small handful of cold red grapes from the fridge. Not too bad after the adjustments, and not bad nutrition wise. But by it's very nature it is too high in protein but I will skip the beans in my salad at lunch. Maybe, as they are so very important to balancing blood sugars and keeping me full. But that's later.

For now I am going to take a brief break, puttering around picking things up inside while sipping my shake and cooling off from the mowing, raking, weeding and stacking of wood that I have just accomplished out back. Then I'm for cleaning the carpets in the front of the house, making a salad and watching a show while I rest a bit, and then finally a quick shower before running errands. I need to stay focused, and not become a couch potato cookie monster. I am going to rock this day.
Back yard - check
Shampooing the carpets after a vigorous vacuuming - check
Salad for lunch - um, no.

At 12:30 after working on the carpets for an hour and a half I decided I needed stronger shampoo so I ran out to the drugstore and picked up some Oxy Clean since they had no actual carpet cleaning shampoo. I was so hungry (which I often don't fee) and BK was right there, and yes I drove through for a veggie burger. No soda, no fries, no dessert, just extra pickles and mustard on the burger. But I watched my calories the rest of the day and while my percentages were way off the total calories were fine. But I know not all calories are created equal - a discussion for another day - and I don't feel great about the BK choice.

I really exhausted myself today, sweating often and moving most of the day, but I accomplished what I set out to do, ending with cleaning the kitchen. And now I am DONE!

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