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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Counting Day

Home from our trip and after all of the salt yesterday I am ready to eat clean and keep track. Here is my lunch salad. Two servings of salad dressing, but I know they are calories well spent as I ease back into this after vacation. Not that I ate badly most days, but there were a couple of choices that could have been better! Anyway, from years ago I have a spreadsheet already formulated to weigh out veggies in my wooden salad bowl so I can get in a full pound each day. It's also easy to zero out the greens and weigh in the seeds and dressing after adding my beans. I use to do this a lot when losing weight before; after a while the eye adjusts and I won't need to weigh, but for now I need to - eating the full pound is the key, and this is the first half for the day.

This morning I cleaned up the dog messes, vacuumed the front of the house &picked up A's room before vacuuming in there. Today is her first day of 1st Grade and she is so very excited; I wanted the school desk in her room cleaned off and ready just in case she brings work home and ended up fixing her bed and organizing a little while puttering in there.

Time to shower, finish cleaning out the fridge, and get ready to run errands later.  Move, move, move!

Well, I didn't get all of my veggies or fruit in, but my calories are under goal for the day so I will call it a good step in the right direction. I had lots of greens, a healthy fat, and too much sugar thanks to the Lemon Noosa Yoghurt I had for dessert. I did rest this afternoon after a shower and laundry so I will be ready for work tomorrow morning; I hate that I have lost my enthusiasm for the job.

I know from experience that each day will be easier getting in the veggies, and that each day I will feel better. Time will tell.

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