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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day Seven of Fourteen: 1500 Calories

The last day of the first week and so far so good. Part of my plan for these three weeks was to wean myself off of caffeine, and decaf green tea is the next step in the plan. But half way through my cup has left me shaking and hot and irritable. New Plan! Cold turkey on the caffeine. There is still a mild stimulant (guarana extract) in the Mind Works my daughter is having me try out, but I am accustomed to by now I should think. So water and herbal tea will be my only drinks if I stick to it. I probably take enough pain meds for my back to keep any headaches away, but I can always add more.

I spent some time this morning updating my tracking sheet so that I can grab a week at a time and show totals with the same breakdowns as I do by day. Focused or compelled? Who knows.

Much later, as in Saturday the 19th later.

I can't explain the last week except to note I have been coming home and sleeping. (Well, after spending time with A, cooking and reading and playing.) I realized this morning I hadn't been tracking or writing and upon opening my tracking sheet I realized it had been an entire week. I also saw that I had not tracked last Sunday's stats but had entered Saturday's on the Sunday tab. The summary is below. NOT a shining example of good intentions fulfilled. Not at all, instead a testament to my continuing failure to take charge of my health,

I'll begin again today, as I always eventually do, but to make it easier I won't track whole foods, just the dressings, anything processed, you get the drift. But the greens don't add up to much except for tracking calcium, and I never eat more than three or four fruits a day. I need to find a balance between trying to be accountable and not wearing myself out. So after skipping a whole week I am resuming at week 2 in the next entry.

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