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Monday, September 7, 2015

Day One of Fourteen: 1500 Calories

lol, OMG, here I go again. I have the tracking all set up, I may as well use it.  R has a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks, so I may as well try to be inspiring and supportive. And Summer is ending and I probably should lose a few pounds to make sure my Winter clothes fit. I also need to get the caffeine out of my life again - it's detrimental and disruptive to my brain. So my good goals are my previous mix of Fuhrman and McDougall, in other words, basing my meals on starches and greens.

We are planning to do some furniture shuffling, so I started packing up books in my room and ran across "The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery; a favorite author since childhood better known for the "Anne of Green Gables" series which is also dearly beloved. I couldn't resist, I had to read it. So I have been changing positions often leaning the book up against various props as I can't actually hold it for more than a minute before my hands go numb and my neck begins to hurt. I love this story for so many reasons, and it is so wonderful to be actually reading a story instead of listening to one. But I digress. Holding a book in one hand (hence the scheduled carpal tunnel surgeries) and snacking with the other is the oldest and most destructive bad habit (again - surgery) that I have engaged in over the course of my life. If I could return all of those ill-gotten calories I imagine my life would have been a little different, for the better I think. In any case, a bad habit it was and so it remains. I wasn't two chapters in before the itch to eat came upon  me. But as I was searching for something to eat (remember there is left over home made carrot cake in the fridge) it occurred to me that I shouldn't do this - eat mindlessly while reading - and commenced to find something that if not healthy, could at least be measured.

I know that a healthy 'diet' does not exclude fruit - most of our antioxidants are there and we evolved (imho) on a diet of antioxidants. So I am ignoring the 'sugar' in fruit. For the same reason I am ignoring the sugar in starches.  As I don't plan on eating any more processed foods in the next two weeks keeping refined sugar to zero shouldn't be a problem. Ha.

And so it begins, my two week goals: Keep under 1500 calories and get the furniture reorganized.
Day's recap: My percentages are way off, but I stayed under my goal of 1500 calories. This will improve as I keep fighting. As I keep choosing Me. As I learn to calm down instead of shut down when I am overwhelmed. As I continue to practice on focus. On 8/15 when I first began to really analyze myself, I was 233.4, and this morning I was 233.2. It's not much, just a fluctuation in water, but it's lower and even if it's only the teeniest smidge, I'm taking it as a win. I don't plan to weigh again for two weeks. 

Obviously I struggled today, and I'm blaming it on the book. But I just finished it and tomorrow is work so I should be able to do better. I realized booking my dessert that I was using a 1600 calorie spreadsheet and had to update it to 1500 calories.

Day One:

An online weight calculator estimates that at this calorie level I can lose 33 pounds before my Birthday next March. That would be totally wicked! Damn all the sugar I ate today. But at least it was actual 'food' and not junk.

I did make a nice dent in my room before picking up the book, and should be able to make the furniture swap next weekend. Now to keep moving until bedtime to make up for the reading; at first I was glad to be diving into a book, but after the day of snacking and not being able to move - not so much. So back to audible books and ear buds for me! God I need to stretch, I'm outta here.

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