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Saturday, September 8, 2012

From the Shoulders Up

My sis gave me some CD's from Aligned and Well some time ago, and I discovered a little Rhomboid Push up that really helped with temporary relief of my back pain. Today I am determined to follow all of the exercises in the entire CD, From the Shoulders Up.  Why am I so stubborn about exercising at home? So I have to move a table out of the way, so there may be someone tripping over me to get to the door, so my little dog will be licking and wiggling and snuggling all over my face while I try to exercise. I hate bad excuses.  So this Saturday I will walk, and do the alignment exercises, and do my home office work.

Hopefully a manageable Saturday.

I find it interesting that I was previously without a tag for Exercise. This has been remedied.

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