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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hot & Cold

I want the mornings warm enough to walk without bundling up and the evenings cool enough to roast veggies in the oven. Those are rare and wonderful days, and apparently today will not be one of them. My little piggies are yelling at me to climb back into the warm bed and a cold green smoothie for breakfast is the furthest thing from my mind. Instead the box of butter pecan cake mix is calling me from the kitchen. I brought it home thinking to make dessert last night using it in conjunction with the can of pumpkin I have camped out in the cupboard. Just the idea of having the aroma of baking cake wafting through the house is making me salivate. Oh what a wretched creature am I!

On the flip side I need to go pick up a new Bullet, after years of abuse mine finally died. I see they have a new Nutri Bullet now- "more power" as Tim the tool man has often said. I envision a long weekend of healthy food and numerous walks, tick marks on the honey do list, and maybe an outing to the local chop shop for some much needed attention to my hair.

Another Saturday, another chance to catch up, clean up, and make up for lost time. And all I want to do is put a cake in to bake and curl up with a good book.  Like I could hold a book. Or should eat the cake.

And I can't find my Fitbit again!

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